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Born in Paris April 9, 1964. Lives and works in Langrune, Normandy.


Rebellious by nature, Sophie Dumont left the capitale to live a few years in the Caraïbes then Spain and finally in Marocco. She stocks load of images and colours that she will carefully keep deep in her memory. Back to France,

she makes the jump and seizes the brush. From her early youth, she is immersed in the world of painting, through her paternal grandmother’s drawings, Henriette Dumont, who sketches all the time, her children and grandchildren with a stroke which 

ressembles that of Matisse.


Sophie Dumont takes an interest in Art History, works several years, searches, discovers to truly realize herself around 2007. Her style becomes stronger, the layers multiply on the canvas, letting a beach or some cliffs appear

to whomever wants to discover them.


Her work in oil takes all its value in the successive layers, and the transparencies in various shades of grey and white.



Sophie DUMONT’s abstract is not a concept, it is an approach where each canvas builds itself around a graphic design put into perspective by the colour.


The drawing can evoke the contour of a body or the meanders of a landscape. It is only the unpremeditated interpretation of a figurative idea which takes other shapes in space.


The canvas gets structured around a play of curves and lines filtering the lights.


It is in this refined structure that the palette of often contrasted tonalities enters. But the substance is never rough, drawing from its maturation of lyric effects which are the results of a creative work of the material. The knife shapes the material into successive layers which merge into a combination of sparkling colours.


The underlying presence of the different substrata creates this vibration born from the contrast between material and colours to give to the representation its own life, devoid of any reference. The eye of the viewer, far from being guided, is invited to travel freely in the canvas. His perception is only the expression of his own emotions, simply subject to the effect of modulations transcribed by the artist, and which explains this permanent relation between works, with at times changing aspects and mind, but that symbolize a coherent and sincere approach.


                                                                                                François Laune

                                                                                                Art Critic







Museum of Coutances
November 8, 2019 to March 8, 2020

2018 Gallery Place des Arts CAEN 

2016 Gallery Place des Arts CAEN

Espace culturel Bruno Coquatrix CABOURG

2014 Gallery Place des Arts  CAEN

2013  Batignolle's Art  PARIS

2012 Galerie Place des Arts CAEN

2011 La Mansardière-Langrune

2010   La Chapelle Saint Clair Banneville-sur-Ajon

Eglise Saint-Rémy - Dieppe.

Galerie Louise Smith TORONTO

2009    Crédit Agricole Basse Normandie - Caen

La Mansardière-Langrune

Galerie Louise Smith-TORONTO

2008   Galerie Clac - Aurillac

2006   Galerie Clac - Aurillac

 Ambre International- Antipolis

Centre Socioculturel Audrey Bartier de Wimereux

La Kase des gourmets  Bailly

Crédit Mutuel  Noisy- Le Roi  

 2005   Golf de Caen 

Galerie voltaire - Grenoble      

Office du tourisme de Dun sur Auron

l'Œil du Jour-Paris   

Galerie  Saint-Leonard  - Saint-Léonard de Noblat 

Galerie 21 - Uzes

Le Prieuré d'Allichamps

2004    L'Espace Saint-Louis- Paris

Galeries Lafayette-Nice       

Bibliothèque d'Alleray - Paris       

Au pays d'oscar   Boulogne

2003     Scribo  paris XII  

Galerie artifact 3 - 10 000 Troyes

2002     Plaisir

2000   « El viaje colorado »  Xanthines- Lyon

1999      Espace Saintonge Paris III
1998      Espace Paradis-Paris

1997     "Le Marrakech" MAROC

1996      Adeje Tenerife ESPAGNE



2012 Caen

        castel of CANISY SAINT LÔ

2011   Forum des Arts 61 à Mortagne-au-Perche



        castel of CANISY SAINT LÔ

Ville de Würzburg en Allemagne

13 ème Biennale internationale de Tinchebray.

2009 Espace Magenta – Rouen

2008 La Jeune Création Contemporaine Paris  

2007 Carrefour des arts L'Embranchement - La Chapelle-Urée - Brécey

La Jeune Création Contemporaine - Paris

2006 les couleurs de la vie  Bailly

Galerie Des Arts et des Hommes- Vannes  

Need Arts  Strasbourg

Festival Emergence  La Baronnie - Bretteville-sur-Odon

La Jeune Création Contemporaine -Paris

2005 Festival de  Fleury/Orne prix de la ville

Salon artistique Cognaçais

Emotions colorées l’abbaye de Plaimpied (18)

 La Chapelle Saint Vincent les Bordes 

 Espace le buron – Naucelles

Émotions colorées   Bourges     

2004   Marché de l'art de Rignac

 'Le Buron"  Naucelles    

 24ème salon d'automne de Noiseau            

 'Le Buron"  Naucelles

Château de la Rouillère, La Chapelle Bertrand 

Symposium   place Dauphine Paris            

2003    23ème Automnale de Noiseau

2002    Valenton : réalisation d'une fresque avec les enfants de l'école.

22ème Automnale de Noiseau 

Le Lieu Tournus

2001    Mairie de Noiseau

1999    Le temps du Maroc- Tours

 XVIème salon des arts Saint Maurice

L'Alliance France-Maroc - Rouen   

Espace Saintonge Paris III






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